Rooftop Tents


ROOFTOP TENTS | PRIVATE ROOM | SHARED BATHROOMS It’s magical. It’s different. It’s unique. Stay in our Rooftop Camping Tents and have an incredible experience. Discover the colors of

Rooftop Tents2020-08-15T15:00:46-04:00

Mixed Dorm


MIXED DORM | PRIVATE ROOM | SHARED BATHROOMS This is the perfect choice if you love to meet new people, learn about other cultures and interact with other nomads like

Mixed Dorm2020-03-28T13:56:32-04:00

Female Dorm


FEMALE DORM | PRIVATE ROOM | SHARED BATHROOMS Girls sure know how to have fun, and they always look for places where they can stay together! In San Juan

Female Dorm2020-03-28T16:54:02-04:00

Twin for One


TWIN FOR ONE | PRIVATE ROOM | SHARED BATHROOM For those who like to travel alone, and enjoy a hostel environment without sacrificing privacy, we have the Twin for

Twin for One2020-03-28T13:53:19-04:00

Bunk & Sofa


BUNK & SOFA | PRIVATE ROOM | SHARED BATHROOM Stay in the Bunk & Sofa Room. It fits 2 guests perfectly and features a twin-size bunk bed, a sofa

Bunk & Sofa2020-08-15T15:05:49-04:00

Twin Beds


TWIN BEDS | PRIVATE ROOM | SHARED BATHROOM If you’re traveling with a friend or family, and looking for a fun and relaxing place, this room is perfect for

Twin Beds2020-03-28T13:50:50-04:00

Full-size Bedroom


FULL SIZE BEDROOM | PRIVATE ROOM | SHARED BATHROOM Located on the second floor with the large common area, this comfortable room has a queen bed and space to

Full-size Bedroom2020-03-29T15:53:48-04:00

Queen Bed


QUEEN BED | PRIVATE ROOM | SHARED BATHROOMS Located on the second floor, near to the lobby for more entertainment, this comfortable room has a queen bed, space to

Queen Bed2020-03-28T13:45:00-04:00

Sea View Suite


SEA VIEW SUITE | PRIVATE ROOM | PRIVATE BATHROOM If you’re more into privacy and comfort, this is your choice. With an incredible view to Ocean Park beach

Sea View Suite2020-03-23T15:42:12-04:00