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Earth Day ’23: La Isla del Encanto

Isla Verde, Carolina PR There is no question as to why Puerto Rico is nicknamed the ‘La Isla del Encanto' (The Island of Enchantment). Though the island may be the smallest of the Caribbean's Greater Antilles, there is an abundance of unforgettable sights and natural wonders; Puerto Rico

Isla Verde: Your Guide to Nomad Life

Paseo Piñones Beach in Carolina, PR Step off the plane and into Isla Verde, Carolina-- the Puerto Rican municipality home to a number of breathtaking beaches and unforgettable sunsets. Our Isla Verde Nomada Beach Hostel is only a 5 minute walk from the central beach and an 8

Calle Loiza: Your Guide to Nomad Life

Nestled in the heart of urban Santurce is the vibrant Calle Loiza known for its spectacular arts and culture, cuisine as well as nightlife. Despite only being a sub-neighborhood within San Juan, the largest city of Puerto Rico, there are no shortage of things to do and try. Calle Loiza

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